Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

Developmental delays can be caused by problems that start before a child turns 18 years old or even before birth. These problems may occur as a result of various congenital or genetic conditions, birth defects, infections or an acquired injury in the child’s life. While some may occur before birth, some occur during the delivery process itself or shortly after.

It is vitally important to monitor a child’s development, as if difficulties arise, early intervention is key. Part of the process includes knowing and understanding the developmental process in order to be aware if a child is not meeting their developmental milestones age appropriately.

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Developmental Delay

  • Sit up, crawl, or walk later than other children
  • Learn to talk later, or have trouble speaking
  • Find it hard to remember things
  • Have trouble understanding social rules
  • Have trouble seeing the results of their actions
  • Have trouble solving problems

If a parent suspects that their child is not meeting their developmental milestones age appropriately, it is important to contact a psychologist for assessment. First, the psychologist will meet with the parent/s in order to obtain various information about the child, along with medical history. Often, a developmental assessment is conducted, as this provides understanding about where the child is at, in the developmental process. If needed, a psychologist will refer a client to additional health professionals for further assessments, for instance, occupational and physiotherapists, in order to clarify various areas of development. Once the developmental process has been clarified, the psychologist can then provide the parents with specific guidelines that meet their child’s requirements.

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