Behavioural Concerns

Behavioural Concerns

All children navigate through various phases as they develop and sometimes this can be a difficult process for care givers and the child. Toddlers and adolescents can have their challenging moments and this might mean they push limits from time to time. An important step to understand a child’s behaviour, is to be aware of the developmental process that the child is currently in. An aware parent is better able to help their child navigate through a challenging phase and achieve a learning experience through the process.

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Some examples that may contribute to ‘inappropriate’ behaviour may include the following:

  • Recent changes in the family/child’s life
  • Inconsistency in the child’s life e.g.: routine or discipline
  • Inappropriate expectations for the child’s developmental phase
  • Difficulty developing through a specific phase
  • Specific developmental concerns
  • Sensory Integration difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulties with sleeping
  • General medical conditions e.g.: underlying health concerns, such as allergies

Psychologists may help parents to better understand their children’s behaviour and offer guidelines to assist them. Through an interview process with the parents and sessions with the child, a psychologist is able to assess various factors and rule out any areas of concern. If through the assessment process the psychologist ascertains that the child’s behaviour is not age appropriate, or is concerned about the presentation of certain behaviours, they may suggest that the child attend Play Therapy sessions, in order to help the child cope with various stressors in their life, or refer to additional professionals for assistance.


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